The Voice of the Piano cover

“The Voice of the Piano”
is available again!

The book and DVD set had been out of print for several years. During that time, we received many purchase requests from half a dozen countries. Finally, the reprint is complete and Piano Forte Supply is proud to once again offer this landmark work.

The Voice of the Piano

  • What is a "cushion", why does the hammer need it, how do I create it and test it?
  • What is "battery voicing", how can I use it to boost power or repair the tone?
  • How do I blend the tenor break?
  • What about shift pedal voicing? Service voicing? Upright voicing?

Hardcover book with DVD tutorial
by André Oorebeek

Edited and published by Jürgen Goering, Crescendo Publications
Crescendo Publications
94 pages, 66 color photographs

The Voice of the Piano Goes Global
French and Japanese are available now!

Voicing Book Goes Global

André Oorebeek's acclaimed hammer voicing book “The Voice of the Piano” is attracting overseas attention. The book with its companion DVD was originally published in Canada in 2009 with a reprint in 2017 by Crescendo Publications, the book division of Piano Forte Supply. The book is now being translated into French and Japanese.

“Foreign language licensing negotiations had been going on for some time,” publisher Jurgen Goering disclosed. “We are now happy to announce the imminent publication of both a French and Japanese language edition.”

The French edition, called “La Voix du Piano” was translated by Marc Valdeyron and will be published in conjunction with ITEMM, the French piano technician training center in Paris. Valdeyron is the translator of Art Reblitz's “Piano Tuning, Repairing and Servicing” and is a piano technician in his own right. The book has already gone to print and will be available later in 2011.

The Japanese translation was taken on by Yoshitake Suzuki, Director at Yamaha USA's Piano Service Department. Suzuki and Oorebeek have a common history going back to the 1980's. They first met at the Yamaha Piano Academy where they underwent the rigours of that training program together.

André Oorebeck has taught extremely successful full day seminars on voicing at the past three Annual Piano Technician's Guild conventions. After the most recent seminar in Kansas City in July of 2011, the author and his two friends, the translator of the Japanese version and the publisher of the English version, met to celebrate the success of the book.

“The Voice of the Piano” has been distributed into well over 20 countries in the English version, according to the publisher, Jurgen Goering. These two foreign language translations not only open up new markets for the book and DVD, they confirm the value and importance of the material presented by Oorebeek. “We are thrilled by these developments which will allow more piano technicians around the world to enhance their voicing skills,” says Goering.

The photo below shows Yoshitake Suzuki, André Oorebeek and Jurgen Goering at the 2011 Kansas City Annual Piano Technicians Guild convention.

"Step by step, this book removes the mystery of piano voicing."

Roger Jolly, Concert Technician

"A voicer’s voicing guide, an incalculable student resource, the Bible of voicing technique."

Dale Erwin, RPT, Concert Technician

"A triumph of the practical and intuitive, certain to be a classic, full of humility, humor, and honesty."

David Andersen, Concert Technician

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