Here is what reviewers say about The Voice of the Piano:

“This is an exceptional read for every serious technician. For the first time, piano technicians find a complete treatment of the art of Intonation. Step by step, this book removes the mystery of piano voicing.

Congratulations André, Well done.”

Roger Jolly
Concert Technician
Former Director of Product Development for Samick Music Corp

“This is a long over-due and desperately needed voicing treatise for the 21st century piano technician. A Masterpiece of clear technical writing pours out from a lifetime of tonal research which Andre brings to this book. A voicer’s voicing guide, an incalculable student resource, the Bible of voicing technique.”

Dale Erwin RPT
Concert Technician, piano rebuilder

“This is the first and only book in the 300-year history of the instrument to discover, uncover and transmit the sacred and challenging craft of voicing.

In a comfortable yet elegant writing style, Oorebeek effectively and completely addresses the theory, science, technique, protocols and, most importantly, the state of being the voicer needs to perform this most subtle and difficult of piano arts. A triumph of the practical and intuitive, certain to be a classic, full of humility, humor, and honesty.”

David Andersen
Musician, Concert Technician and Rebuilder